In early 2022, we began the construction of the Vision Help Learning Center. We started by transforming an old farm spanning 1,925 square meters into a beautiful two-storey building where our children can discover the joy of learning. Despite the numerous challenges, it has finally become a reality.

On September 18, 2023, our children, volunteers, and staff celebrated the completion of the Vision Help Learning Center. It is now a place of joy, hope, and quality education for our children in the Village of Hope. We deeply thank all our supporters and partners for their trust and dedication during the construction project. With the it, we are better equipped to provide our children with good education.

We very much look forward to many success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from this inspiring learning center.




We have focused for many years on community projects among indigenous tribes such as the Aetas community of Apayao. In partnership with the local government, we were able to provide various training regarding agricultural development, healthcare, family planning and environmental issues such as waste management and the preservation of the forest.

This is to help the indigenous communities to enhance their economic and healthcare situation while at the same time being sensitive to their culture, believes and practices. Commonly, the Aeta communities feel neglected, looked down upon, and often not receiving equal opportunities in education and community development. So we committed to lift up such indigenous communities by enhancing their educational and economic skills.

In 2017, we established the “Indigenous Elementary and Adult Educational Learning Center” directly within the vicinity of the tribe. This center, through the funding, organization and supervision of the foundation, seeks to provide particularly education to children and adults alike, assisting in the government’s effort of “Education for All.”

The number of students increased and we had it eventually turned over to the local government so they may manage the whole operation.

This educational project led us now to bringing students from Apayao to our Village of Hope where they can live and study higher education. As of 2021, we have 12 teenagers from the tribe who are doing their best to move up to college and finish their studies.

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