Many private well-equipped hospitals can be found within Manila yet unreachable to the many poor and marginalized families who could not afford even the simplest medicine needed. With no healthcare, no money to pay for the doctor or needed medicines, many are left helpless with health conditions that contribute much to the high mortality rate of marginalized Filipinos, especially their children.

The few and often ill-equipped government hospitals that might cater to charity patients are not able to address the dire medical need of the marginalized. In rural areas, the plight of the poor is even more severe in regards to medical care.

Hence, VHICF regularly conducts free medical care, minor surgeries, dental missions and provides all necessary medicines needed during its many medical outreaches conducted throughout the year. It draws on a number of local and foreign doctors that passionately assist the foundation with their skills and expertise.

In partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines, VHICF receives high class medicines from international donors that makes such free medical services possible. Additionally, it sponsors many operations for children with cleft palate and major deformities that are correctable through surgery. It also provides the necessary post-hospital cares, physical and other necessary therapies needed.

Through its international sponsors and partner hospital, the foundation provides significant charity care for many marginalized Filipinos around the country. This we do, as it is our vision to help. Why don’t you partner with us to rebuild lives?

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