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For every 5 minutes there is an estimate of more than 9,500 innocent children who are abused.* EVERY. FIVE. MINUTES.

We, at Vision Help, are grateful that we can take part in the huge work of fighting against child abuse and changing lives. We built facilities and opened our doors to many children who have been in need. But while they are already with us in a safe and beautiful environment, there is more work to be done.

We are raising 120.000€ to build a new house at Village of Hope!


“To be appalled is not enough and empty words are too many. We can make a difference and it starts with us. STOP CHILD ABUSE!

CEO & President of VHICF

The bulk of our task lies also in the healing process of each and every child under our care — every trauma and every unexplained consequences of their dark pasts are like mountains that each one needs to climb and overcome.

This is why we take the extra effort in standing against child abuse. WE WILL CLIMB MT. EVEREST! Our CEO and President Carsten Uwe Aust is teaming up with the president of Samaritan Aid Ministries Eduard Spitzer, Dr. Hansjörg Aust of Ilmtal Klinik in Bavaria, and Engr. Matthias Schaffrath to ascend the first base of Mt. Everest. We want to #StopChildAbuse!

All four of them are not professional climbers but they train and prepare for the climb to spread awareness. Mt. Everest stands 8,849 meters high and they will do their best to reach Camp I which is around 6,100 meters. The whole Mt. Everest expedition will start on March 27 and last until April 9. We will be posting updates on this page regarding its status. There will also be regular updates on our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

What are you waiting for? Join us in this campaign by pledging $0.20 per meter: PLEDGE A 20-CENT, PROTECT THE INNOCENT! For every meter our climbers reach, with your pledged U.S. 20 cents (that’s Php 10 or €0,19 only), you can save more lives and more children from all kinds of horrible abuses — you help them climb and conquer their mountains!

ALL PLEDGED DONATIONS WILL BE USED FOR THE BUILDING OF A NEW HOUSE TO PROVIDE A HOME FOR AN ADDITIONAL 50 CHILDREN THAT WE WANT TO RESCUE FROM THE STREETS! It’s important for you to know that we do not cover the expenses for this expedition from your pledges but will be personally shouldered by our climbers. Make a change today. MAKE A 20-CENT PLEDGE TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT!

And of course, another way of taking part in this campaign is by spreading awareness. Use the hashtag #StopChildAbuse and share our post updates, social media stories and even live streaming of the expedition! Follow our instagram and facebook accounts by clicking on the icons below.

Download our brochure and help us spread the word!

“A world free of child abuse begins with each one of us. STOP CHILD ABUSE!”

President of Samaritan Aid Ministries

“Child abuse is a severe polytrauma. STOP CHILD ABUSE!”

Chief Residence, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

“The smallest voices deserve the loudest protection. STOP CHILD ABUSE!”

Civil Engineer & President of Construction for a Cause
everest cfac updates

Climb for a Child Updates

April 4, 2024

16:00 (PH Time) – Our director, Carsten Aust, together with Eduard, Dr. Hans Jörg and even Matthias, has finally reached the Everest Basecamp I! After seven days of intense hiking, our climbers successfully acclimated to the tedious ascent and climate conditions of Mt. Everest.

Their climb signifies endurance and victory–much like with our children’s battles in their young lives, we deeply hope that they, too, will endure, will persist and will realize victory in their own lives!

Thank you to everyone who supports this cause and who stood by every update we had for this campaign. Our fight to #StopChildAbuse has not ended yet! We continue on championing this to save more lives and see disadvantaged young lives to have a better future! Please continue to support our work and spread awareness.

April 3, 2024

17:40 (PH Time) – Carsten is currently staying the night at a village called Lobuche (4,940 meters) together with the rest of the climbing team while there are very heavy rains. Matthias is still unwell and they will conclude tonight whether he can still go or he must stay at Lobuche. It took them 6.5 hours to traverse Dinboche to the village. On the way there, they briefly stopped by the Everest Memorial in Thukla Pass where mountaineers who lost their lives attempting to climb Mt. Everest have each of their dedicated stones and inscriptions in that place. People who visit the site take a pause to reflect and honor those who perished. CFAC team took time to honor them.

By tomorrow, if the weather gets better, they will continue to push forward with their climb. When they do, they will hike for 5 hours from Lobuche village to another small settlement called Gorak Shep with an altitude of 5,164 meters above sea level. They will take some rest and then continue hiking another 5 hours to the Basecamp.

Please continue to pray for Matthias’ healing and for the team’s overall health to be well. Join us in this cause by supporting our work in the Philippines. Spread the word and the awareness to #StopChildAbuse by sharing our updates!

April 2, 2024

17:42 (PH Time) – “We are at a place called Dingboche. At an altitude of 4,410 meters above sea level, Dingboche stands as a captivating Sherpa village nestled within the Khumbu region of northeast Nepal. Renowned for its charm, this is one of the most popular rest places for trekkers.

We are here for 2 days to do further acclimatization climbs before we make our push towards the Basecamp I of Everest.

Today, we went over 5,100 meters for the first time then we will descend again to 4,100 meters to push our bodies to acclimate to the low oxygen levels. At Basecamp I, the oxygen is just 10%. Where we are right now, the oxygen levels are just above 12%. Tomorrow, we leave this little town and we will hike closer towards the Everest BaseCamp I. The last two days were very important for our acclimatization. Without them, we might not make it to basecamp. The low oxygen is the biggest challenge.” — Carsten Aust

Please continue to 🙏 for our CFAC team and continue to spread awareness on our #StopChildAbuse campaign!

March 31, 2024

11:41 (PH Time) – The team is now over 4,500 meters to the Everest Basecamp I! Two more days before they reach their target destination which is about 6,100 meters high. Please continue to pray for them, to spread awareness about #StopChildAbuse campaign.

March 29, 2024

18:31 (PH Time) – Our director, Carsten, with his teammates: Dr. Hans Jörg, Eduard and Matthias hiked a total of over 16 hours on their first day of Mt. Everest hike! They started their ascent at 05:00 am (Nepal Time). He sent our team a report at the 11th hour of their journey. At that point, they have reached 3,000 meters already but still had 4 hours more before reaching the site where they rested for the night. He shared that they were all tired but they kept on going.

The connection has been intermittent and it is expected that as they go higher, we get lesser and lesser to no further updates. Nonetheless, they continue to climb up Mt. Everest to #StopChildAbuse! So please join this cause with us through prayers and support!

We will continue to post updates in our stories and feeds as we get them from Carsten.

March 28, 2024

Carsten going to Lukla.

March 27, 2024

Carsten arrived in Kathmandu and met with the team.

everest cfac updates

* This is a calculation from World Health Organization’s fact sheet on “Violence Against Children”..

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