Located in Balut, Tondo Manila, our programs cater weekly to many families who live on the Smokey Mountain and the Riverside slum community. We have initiated a number of programs which aim to make a profound impact and give hope to many them:

Literacy Program for All Ages
In the slums of Tondo, illiteracy is a formidable barrier. The Literacy Program for Adults and Young People offers free classes to help illiterate adults and teenagers learn to read, write, and comprehend. It does not stop there; the program also guarantees that younger children can read and write before they move up to elementary. In a community where education is often a luxury, this program is a beacon of hope, empowering individuals with essential skills.

Educational Sponsorship Program
Education is a path out of poverty, but it is often neglected in communities like Smokey Mountain. The Educational Sponsorship Program provides educational support to elementary, high school, and college/university students and aims to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring that financial constraints do not extinguish the dreams of young minds.

This program is not just about funding;
it is about nurturing dreams and creating a brighter future for Tondo.

In Tondo, these programs shine as beacons of hope, illuminating minds and transforming lives. They remind us that, with access to education, individuals and communities can overcome even the most challenging circumstances, paving the way for a brighter future.

The Center for Malnourished Children (Aging 0-4 years old):
Our daycare center focuses specifically on caring for severely malnourished children. We always try to run two full recovery cycles per year. Daily from 09:00am to 04:00pm in the afternoon, our daycare staff with responsive mothers care for the nutritional needs of these children while our medical staff oversees the additional medical needs.

After each 6-month recovery cycle, the children “graduate” and mothers are expected to implement the skills learned from our social workers and counselors who had been attending to them while their children were in our program.

Feeding and Hygiene Program for Kids (Aging 5-12 years old):
The daily feeding program focuses on malnourished kids. They first receive a bath to ensure and improve their hygiene and health. Our shampoos and soaps used, treat and later prevent scabies and deal with hair lice so rampant among children.

We also provide new clothing while we wash their dirty clothes as hardly any water is privately available in their families. After the daily feeding program, we conduct educational and fun activities. All programs offered are clearly structured to provide activities before and after school.

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