The Use of Refrigerator: The big fridge is for all Staff House occupants use. Consumption of food and other stored contents in the fridge must be assured because wasting any resource provided by VHICF is highly discouraged. Please be mindful of the amount of food kept as well as the space each occupants use. Sections in the fridge will be assigned to each occupant accordingly.

The Use of the Stove: The stove is for all Staff House occupants use. It must be kept clean at all times (including the wall because splashes of water, oil and other liquids can easily stick and mess up the paint) to prevent attracting insects, especially ants. The Staff House has an issue with ants.

Marble Counters & the Dining Table: Counters and the big table must always be kept clean and dry. Both get easily stained even by water so after use, please clean up any mess or splashes. As mentioned before, because of the ant problem, always clean up areas used for food preparation or after eating.

All dishes, cups, glasses and other kitchen utensils: All of it must be kept clean and dry. Once washed utensils, dishes, cups, glasses, pans, pots and/or containers are dry, put them back to their right storage area. Placemats and coasters must be kept clean and dry.

Leftover Food: Since the Staff House has an ant-problem, please store or place any leftover food in the fridge or ant-proofed device (you can place the food on top of a container that has water).


WASTE SEGREGATION: There are three bins under the counter, in the cabinets by the entrance door. One is for clean glass and plastic containers only (no wrappers or plastic packaging materials), the second one is for clean tin cans, and the third which is under the sink is for any other waste except for biodegradable waste. Any biodegradable waste that can attract insects–especially ants–must be disposed properly to the big bins located beside the office.

KEEPING ANTS OUT: Please be mindful of keeping any biodegradable waste as we want to keep ants out as much as we can. If you see that a waste bin is full, please do not wait for another person to dispose it. You may dispose it directly to the big bins located beside the office. Garbage bags are provided in the Staff House. Otherwise, if there is none found in the cabinet, please ask the Cleaning Team for a garbage bag.


Cleaning Assignments: Please refer to the cleaning schedule organized and posted by the assigned Staff House coordinator. Cleaning the general area (namely the dining area, living room and the outside area of the staff house) used by Staff House occupants should be kept clean weekly.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Keep your spaces clean and tidy at all times. For groups who stay in one room, please organized a weekly schedule among yourselves the cleaning assignment.

Curtains in the common area and sofa & Pillow sheets: These are brought to the laundry room for washing and drying after every 3 to 6 months.


WORK SHIFTS MAY VARY AMONG OCCUPANTS: Please be mindful of other occupants in the Staff House. Keep the noise down especially at night and early in the morning (from 22:00 to 07:00).

SECURING VALUABLES IN EACH ROOM: Please secure valuable items in your rooms by keeping your room doors locked whenever no one is in the Staff House or you are leaving and no one will be left to keep an eye on things.

TURN OFF UNUSED ELECTRICAL DEVICES: At night, the outside Staff House light is the only light kept turned on throughout. All other lights and electrical devices (except for the Refrigerator obviously) must be turned off. Let’s be good stewards of what we are blessed with!

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