Children are at risk! Many are exposed to hunger, inhumane living conditions and are venerable to abuse. One cannot be silent or content with the idea, others are doing something about it. We all can, we all must do something. Each of us has a part to play.

Right in front of our footsteps, amidst skyscrapers, banks and expensive malls, children die daily due to lack of food and health care. The Philippines is such a place where one third of the population is living in unprecedented poverty. In fact, the Philippines is one of the countries that has such unprecedented malnutrition among children particularly under the age of 5. As many families live below the poverty line, parents struggle to provide even the most basic needs for their children like food, medicine and even education. Here children suffer abuse due to the socioeconomic pressure and cases of orphaned children exploited by syndicates for illegal collection of money in public streets and establishments are extremely high. Those who are sold for the purpose of child slavery and sexual abuse is predominant as well in the society. As a child caring organisation, VHICF has many such children rescued from certain exploitation and even death due to malnutrition. But each one of us can also help and play a part. Together with our sponsors, we would like to provide more awareness as well as give practical opportunities how one can become involved to help and protect these children.

Please join us in taking active steps, helping and protecting children from poverty and abuse, to save lives, and to change lives.



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